Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Dog!

Press Release from the Lake Oswego Police Department

On May 20, during the very early morning hours (about 1 a.m.), Lake Oswego Police responded to a reported barking dog in a residential neighborhood.  

According to the caller, the dog had been barking incessantly for about an hour.

The responding officer, Sgt. John Brent was confronted in the middle of the street by a very small but ferociously barking dachshund, named Annie, who would not allow his police car to pass.

The Sergeant (in charge of the LOPD Canine Unit) exited his patrol car and tried for some time, unsuccessfully, to capture the dog or otherwise quiet the disturbance.

After some time, a faint call for help was heard by Sgt. Brent and Annie's owner, Pamela Fischer, was found in a nearby yard where she had fallen.

Ms. Fischer, who does have some physical limitations, had fallen, hit her head and been unable to get back to her feet.  Medical personnel were summoned and the appropriate aid given.

Ms. Pamela Fischer is now fine and we are most thankful for Annie's efforts.  Pamela Fischer authorized the release of her name and this information as she is quite proud of Annie.  (Source:

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