Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday evening Lucy Update


Well I slept in Stewie's closet most of the afternoon.  Stewie and Gunther went out and we all just were lazy.  When they got home Honey started singing for her squishy food...and I came downstairs when Gunther called for me.  I went into the bathroom because I was really craving some sink water.  Stewie turned the faucet on and oh wow it was good!  Natalie really wanted in but there was no room.  So Stewie turned on the bath tub faucet and Natalie and I had a good drink!

Oh and the biggest news....Honey didn't hiss at me when we were in the living room!  Good huh?  I'm gonna go to bed earlier I think.  

Love  xoxoxox, 

Baby Elephant

The baby elephant at the Oregon Zoo met the public on Saturday!

I wonder what they will name him?


It's me Lucy again.  I thought you'd like to see a picture of Natalie...the kid who follows me around EVERYWHERE!  She was taking a little break here in this picture.  Stewie got the "ballies" and tossed them around.  Natalie and I hunkered low and were going to pounce, but I think afraid we'd pounce on each other.  But Stewie said that it seems we have something in common....we like to play with toy ballies.  Anyway....then Natalie gets all goofy and energetic and actually JUMPED OVER ME to get the ballie.  Jumped over me!  Yikes.  

I must have slept pretty good...I've got TONS of energy this morning.  I'm running around and jumping in the windows.  Gunther is afraid I'll knock myself out as I bump my head on the glass every time.  I mangled the dining room blinds...Stewie was not pleased.  I think I heard Honey giggle when I got in trouble.  Stewie showed me the window areas I CAN go to and see out.  Of course, Natalie follows me everywhere!  Did I mention that?  hahah!

More Lucy

Hello!  I had my first night at Stewie and Gunther's!  

I got really tired around 10pm so cuddled on Stewie's lap while they watched a movie.  I think I snored.  Then Stewie said the movie was too scary and had to watch funny shows.  We stayed up until 1am!!!  We played with the laser dot pointer thing...that was fun.  Honey's still hissing at me but I'm not hissing back much....Natalie still follows me everywhere!!!  I jumped in the bathtub after Stewie's shower and played with the water drip.  The food and water are good here.  Stewie said Honey's just playing around.  In the kitchen last night Honey was hissing and growling at me and then realized Stewie was there and gave an innocent meow for some chicky.  I know that trick, I've seen Puss n Boots do that on Shrek!!!  hahah!

Stewie put the cat food in the bowl this morning but Honey was having her squishy and wouldn't let me get near.  So Stewie showed me the bowl of food that's in the basement!!!  Nice.  I'm going to go find a place for a good nap.  


Saturday, August 30, 2008

In case anyone was worried, I finally got out of the basement.  Stewie distracted Honey with some chicky and Honey went upstairs.  I immediately followed and ran to the living room.   Natalie and Honey are hanging out in the living room and I'm sitting on the dining room table.  Stewie doesn't like that much so I'll have to make sure I do that only when she's not home.  hahaha!

Good night everyone!  I'll update you in the morning.


Lucy Update #2

Hi kids...

Well all is well.  I had a good nap on the red blanket under the coffee table and watched Harry Potter with Gunther.  I ate a bunch of food and used my litter box.  Stewie is pleased.

At the moment, I'm stuck in the basement.  hahah!  Honey is on the stairs and Natalie is following me around.  Here's the best picture Stewie could get of me....I'm running around trying not to get to close to Honey.  Anyway...I got some great exercise all day up and down the stairs.  

More tomorrow....Miss you EB and Eliz.


Lucy's Adventure

Hi blog readers!

I'm Lucy...I just moved to Stewie's house while EB gets over her asthma.  I may be at Stewie's for a while, so I thought you'd like to hear some of my adventures with Queen Honey and Miss Natalie.

So I first met Miss Natalie, she is a curious thing!  She followed me EVERYWHERE!  I was getting a little annoyed so I hissed at her.  She hissed back.  And then she still followed me.  

I walked all over the house and checked out everything (see me in the pic with the Foo Dog...not a real dog thank goodness!).  It's a cool house with 3 levels.  I ventured into the basement only to be met at the bottom of the steps by Queen Honey.  She was not pleased.  She hissed, I hissed.  She growled, I growled.  Then I went back upstairs and at the top of the stairs was Miss Natalie.  Sheesh!

Anyway, I can pretty much go where I please.  If Natalie gets too close I hiss and growl and she backs off.  Honey doesn't let me too close at all...huffs, puffs, know that routine.  Honey's even hissing at Natalie!!!

Stewie and Gunther went for a walk and left the 3 of us alone and we didn't tear up the house.  I think they were pleased.  I tasted some of the organic, healthy for a cat cat food they was ok.  Mostly I need to figure out where to sleep, but right now I'm checking this place out!

I miss you EB and Lizard and the two adult people I don't know their names.  Oh and Chaplin too!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Baby Elephant

From the Oregon Zoo:

The Oregon Zoo's new baby elephant is acclimating to his herd as keepers continue to baby-proof his exhibit space.

"We're making adjustments to the indoor viewing gallery to help accommodate the calf," said Bob Lee, senior elephant keeper.  "We are also making plans to modify the outdoor yards to make them safer.  We have a couple of pools we want to make sure he doesn't fall into when he goes outside for the first time."  Lee added that it may be a while before the calf goes outdoors.

The 5-day-old elephant has been exploring his new surroundings.  At one point, keepers saw him gather up some bamboo with his trunk and stick it in his mouth to see what it was like.  During Rose-Tu's morning bath, keepers gave the calf a large rubber tub to splash in, and he seemed to enjoy the water quite a bit.

Meanwhile, Rose-Tu and her calf continue to grow more comfortable with each other, keepers say.  The two elephants have been lying down together to sleep, and they seem much more rested.  Once, when Rose-Tu lay down, the calf n estled between her feet, almost as if to "spoon" although facing the wrong direction.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elephant Update

Tuesday morning, August 26

Yesterday afternoon the calf was tired and a bit wobbly from lack of sleep.  He slept under his mom for an hour and a half in the evening and got more sleep in the early morning.  He seems more rested now and is trotting around, following his mother.  He's nursing exclusively from Rose-Tu now, so keepers no longer need to feed him supplemental formula.  As of 7 a.m., Rose-Tu is no longer tethered and the calf has full access to her.  Keepers will continue to supervise the two on a 24-hour basis as they bond and get more comfortable with each other.  The next step will be introducing the youngster to Shine and Chendra, the other members of Rose-Tu's herd.  This will initially be done with what keepers call a "howdy gate," where they will be able to see, but not have contact with, the baby.  

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Baby!

 (Photo by Michael Durham, Oregon Zoo)

Rose-Tu, a 14 yr. old Asian elephant and first-time mother, gave birth to a 286 pound, male calf at the Oregon Zoo at 3:56pm on August 23.  The first-time mother seemed confused during the birth and showed aggression to the calf.  Veterinarians and keeper staff quickly intervened, but reintroduction efforts are now underway.

"The baby is calling to his mom and she's calling back," said Mike Keele, the zoo's deputy director and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' species survial plan coordinator for Asian elephants.  "Our veterinarians have examined the calf to see if he sustained any injuries, however from the behavioral signs we've seen thus far, we're very hopeful".

Keele believes that because Rose-Tu had never seen a birth before, she became confused when the baby was born.

"After several failed but energetic attempts, the calf finally stood up and took is first few steps," said Keele.  "He has a good suckle response and took water from a keeper's finger within the first hour after birth," he added.

Rose-Tu is doing well after more than 31 hours of labor, thanks to a daily exercise regime that has kept her in top shape.

Visit the Oregon Zoo website for more information.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Blog Layout

The office staff has been trying out some new templates.  What do you think?

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This sounds cool

More infomation at the Oregon Zoo  Click on Events!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

LOL Cats

While we try to find's some LOL Cats pictures for your enjoyment.