Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mickey, female, 3 months old, Manx (!!)
Gunther wants her!


Anonymous said...

Well, Honey would have someone on her side! Gunther should go get her! Yes, definately! Lucy and Natalie would love another friend to show all the fun hiding spots to!

Anonymous said...

But you will have to change Mickey's name to "Bunny!" Get it, Honey Bunny!

Anonymous said...

Or Turkey! Name her Turkey! What a nice anniversary present for Gunther!

EMSU said...

Lucy said she didn't want a "baby". Honey said "whatever" and Natalie just wants to drive the car! I dunno....not much support from them! Stewie

EB said...


It would be good for honey to have a little kitten of her own.And I still like you,even if I'm on Honey's side.Now put your tongue back in that little mouth of yours.You stop that!OK, now your grounded for the week from the computer!
I rest my case.