Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Story

Stewie had a scarf.  A fuzzy, squishy oh so cozy scarf.  It is snowing in Stewie's town.  She thought the scarf would be perfect for this cold weather.  Stewie found the scarf and put it on the edge of the chairs (a.k.a. scratching posts).  An hour or so later, Stewie wanted to go to the store.  "Where is my scarf?".  Stewie searched over and under and through the woods.  Suddenly, Stewie could hear the familiar snoring of Miss Natalie.  "My scarf!", Stewie cried.  Natalie didn't even open an eye, she had settled in for a long winter's nap.  "Fine!", said Stewie.  "Just keep the scarf out of the Christmas tree!"   The End.


EB said...

That was a very touching story! [Sniff,sniff!]


Anonymous said...

I think you should throw a puppy in this mix for Christmas!

EMSU said...

Well...Gunther wants a puppy....I thought he said PONY, so well won't he be surprised on Christmas morning. So, well does anyone know where I can get some Pony Chow? ...Stewie