Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's baby season!

Well, well, well...it looks like EB and Mrs. B have some new babies at their house. The feral Momma Kitty had 5 babies under their deck a few months ago. It clearly appears Momma has returned and had a few more!

Mrs. B here's a linky loo to the Feral Cat Coalition

Maybe they can help before you have 500 kittens!

Oh boy they are CUTE!


Anonymous said...

They are cute -- 4 orange 1 black. Momma is very comfortable on our deck as she laid down and nursed them last night. Daddy was even hanging out with them! It's a whole family!

Anonymous said...

Kittens. . . kittens. . . they found Lizard's soccer shoe and have been playing with it on the deck.

Anonymous said...

Um, does Lizard know they got her shoes????? ..Stewie

EB said...

Love the new Back round!!!