Saturday, March 5, 2011

EB, the Life-Saver

Well, today Me, Liz, and my mom, KB, had quite the scare. Our Black Kuhli Loach fish, Snoopy, almost died. KB was cleaning our fishes' tank, when Snoopy jumped out of the jar we had him and the other fish in. He landed in the sink, and KB just barely had enough time to put her hand over the garbage-disposal and place the tank down, next to his wriggling body. I jumped up to my feet as she screamed," HELP!", and ran into the kitchen. It took me about 15 seconds to grab the slippery fish and toss him back into the jar. He survived 30 seconds without water. After I had tossed im into the jar, he came up to the edge, breathing very fast, and I could've sworn he was thanking me. [Stoopid Fish...] Luckily, he didn't try that stunt again. [NOTE: the fish in the picture isn't mine.... I don't have a picture of the little devil yet.....]

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Anonymous said...

He's sooo in trouble!