Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dog sets traffic speed

So after a quick trip to the mall today, we drove on 82nd Avenue coming home.  All of a sudden traffic was a little wild and slow.  It was 1:30 in the afternoon.  We noticed a DOG running straight down 82nd Avenue!!  The woman in the BMW next to us was frantically trying to get the cars to stop and also to get the dog to stop.  The cars all worked together, we all drove really slow and hung out our windows calling him and waving our arms at other cars to stop or slow down.  The dog had a green collar and was going and going.  Finally, we got to King Road (we maybe went 10 blocks total with the dog leading the way) and a man came out from the parking lot and stood in the middle of the street and the dog made a beeline for a side street and took off.  The BMW went on up the street too...hopefully the pup got home.  


EMSU's President said...

Dear EMSU readers
That happened to me once.It was on Tacoma this time.It was a yellow lab.It looked like it was maybe 2-3 years old.It was running down the middle. It had no collar. Sorry to Stewie, I would of told you this earlier.
-EMSU's president.

EMSU said...

It's pretty scary because you don't know if the dog will go out into oncoming traffic and if the oncoming traffic even sees the dog! Whew! --Stewie