Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Buffet Story

Everywhere I live there are stray animals that show up.  The last house had a oppossum named "Stinky" and raccoons...sometimes the raccoons had babies so we'd have ALOT of raccoons.

Now at this new house we suddenly noticed we had a stray cat showing up.  A brown Torti.  EB named her/him Alex.  So naturally, we put food and water out.  The next day ALL the food was gone.  During the day we noticed a crow (which we named Kitty) jumping off the roof and standing at the bowl munching away.  Then in the evening Alex would come and eat.  The next night....there was ANOTHER cat (pure black) which EB named Sam.  Then the next night ANOTHER cat...a white and orange tabby, named, um, I can't remember her/his name (EB, help!).  

Anyway...the buffet is open at Stewie's house!

Feel free to share your stray cat comes to eat story.



EB said...

It's name is Max.

EMSU said...

Oh yeah....Alex, Sam, Max and Kitty the Crow!