Monday, February 23, 2009


The plumbers came today.  They spent 4 hours in the basement, doing their plumber thing.  The fur babies spent those 4 hours upstairs in the bedrooms with their litterbox and food/water.  They had two bedrooms, the staircase and hallway to play in.  Honey sat at the bottom of the stairs and meowed and howled to be let out.  Lucy would get on her hind legs and reach for the door knob, push on the door, bang, bang! 4 hours of these two trying to get out.  Natalie, well she didn't care.  She rather liked being in the "penthouse suite".  

Finally, they all got to be free again through the house.  Honey immediately begged for chicky and Lucy gobbled her food like she hadn't eaten in days!  Natalie, went around investigating.  

After about 20min., I couldn't find Lucy.  I found her as pictured, on the bed, upstairs in the precise area she did NOT want to be in all morning!  She stayed for exactly 4 hours sleeping like this!   

Sometimes I think they plan all this.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! A 4 hour nap! She was exhausted from her door knob workout! If she just had thumbs!

EMSU said...

Then, she was up until 1am sitting on me, demanding to have her ears rubbed. She needs to be brushed, but she doesn't like the furminator too much. I tried a comb but too much static. Stewie