Monday, February 9, 2009

Note from Stewie

A few months ago a very tiny and skinny cat showed up at my house.  She would sit on the front porch in the sunbeam or in the bushes.  I started to leave food for her.  I could never tell if she had a home or not.  I named her Mousie.  Today, when we opened the back door she was there, dead.  She maybe got hit by a car.  So Gunther and I organized a small funeral and buried her under the plum tree.  

Everyone, remember to not let your pets out where they can be hit by cars or get into yard chemicals or hurt by other animals.  If you have a pet, take care of it.  If you can't take care of it, take it to the Humane Society and they will find someone who can.  If  you cannot afford food for your pet, contact the Humane Society, they have pet food programs.  

Party on, Mousie!  See ya at the Rainbow Bridge!


EB said...

Mousie is a great example of what happens to millions of animals every year. Be sure to try to protect your pets from this horrible death.


{P.S. May Mousie rest in peace.:[ }

Anonymous said...

At least you helped Mousie know that he was loved!

EB said...


EMSU said...

I really missed Mousie when I put food out. Sniff.

But.....another kitty is hanging around because by afternoon the food was gone! Hmmmmm....