Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanging out in the basement

Uh, Lucy TOLD me to go in there!  Yeah, that's right! can I get into that small space up there?  (notice the box and ladder...that is the block so Lucy can't open the cupboard).
Don't worry, I'll keep my x-ray eyes on those too wild ones!
This is the small space.  Up ABOVE the cupboards, basically they are very near the basement ceiling.  They have to jump to the window well, climb UNDER a pipe and wiggle in.  Nobody's in there when this picture was taken.  Stewie had to stuff the entry way with plastic grocery bags.  Lucy and Natalie are continuing their search for places they should go.

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Anonymous said...

Lucy never got into THIS much trouble at our house. Must be that Natalie influence. Or Honey's telling them during the night, "it's o.k., I do it all the time, go ahead, jump into that small space!"