Monday, September 1, 2008

Lucy Looks Around

Ahh...the view from the dining room table!  

Oh, well I see Honey wants to join me.  Notice how she's pretending not to see me!  haha!

So the picture you don't see is me in the basement near where Gunther parks his bikes.  There are doors with shelves there.  I somehow managed to open one of the doors and go inside.  Nasty spider webby, cementy yuck.  I thought it was cool!  My trusty sidekick, Natalie was right with me.  However, Stewie found us...and well, let's just say we can't get in there anymore!  Stewie said that was a place that no cat has ever gone in this house!  She did acknowledge it was amazing I got the door opened and didn't tip over any bikes.  ;)

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