Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here's another picture of me hanging out.  What you don't see is Honey sleeping in the chair above me.  She would never admit it, but I think she likes me.  Of course, my trusty sidekick Natalie, is never far behind.  Stewie trimmed my nails today....I wanted NOTHING to do with that.  I squirmed and she tried to tell me she was the fastest nail trimmer in the West, but I wasn't in the mood.  We played with the laser pointer and I got some good chases going.  Natalie and I like to sit in the basement in the window well...it's up high and rumpy butt, er, uh I mean Honey can't jump that high.   Talk to you all tomorrow!  



EB said...

What did you call Honey!?!?
I need a explanation NOW Lucy! And apologize to Honey.


EMSU said...

Yeah Yeah! Everybody calls her rumpy butt. hahahah!