Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good News! Climber Found! Good Dog!

Derek Mamoyac, 27, of Philomath was reported missing Monday when he didn't return from what was suppose to be a one-day climbing trip on 12,277-foot-tall Mount Adams, the second-tallest mountin in Washington.  Searchers had been  combing the flanks of the mountain ever since.

Friday afternoon came the word family members and searchers had waited for:  A dog team had picked up the scent of a granola bar Mamoyac had eaten and followed it to him.  He was dehydrated and had a broken ankle and swollen legs but was otherwise in good shape.

(Photo:  Greg Varney of the King County Search Dogs team feeds and praises his golden retriever, Trulee, who followed the scent of a granola bar to climber Derek Mamoyac in rough terrain at the 6,000-foot-level of Mount Adams.)

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