Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mystery Solved!

"Oh  yeah, I remember now.  Yeah, Halloween.  What's Halloween?  Rubber band?  Yeah, I think I had it?  Maybe?  I dunno?  Is it rubbery?  What's rubbery?  I'm hungry."

"I have to do all the work around here!"

So...after the Halloween Party 2 rubber bands were missing.  I was afraid Honey got them and ate them...not good.  So I went on a hunt.  Until 1:30am.  I was ready to let it go when I see Natalie chewing on something!  A rubber band!  So I took it away and told her to show me where the other one was.  Nothing.  We've been looking since Friday.  Today, Lucy was playing with the heater vent...being annoying.  I went over and there it was, THE OTHER RUBBER BAND!  Good Kitty.  We can all rest easy, the rubber bands have been found.  Natalie can't remember a thing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lucy loves playing with rubber bands, she was probably hiding them to play with them when the people are sleeping so she can yell "look at me! I'm saving you from the rubber bands!"