Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boy Cat!

It's the best picture I could get of him at midnight.  He wouldn't sit still.  May I introduce you to Boy Cat.  While I was taking this picture, Lucy was at the stairs STARING at him.  I think she's in looooove.

Anyway, I did find out Boy Cat lives across the street in the 4 he's not homeless.  He also has a new collar with a tiny bell so we can hear him coming!  He's very friendly and polite.  


EB said...

(=^;^=) [-^:^-]
Lucy Boy Cat

Now u will know what cat I'm talking about when i do the symbols.

EMSU said...

I like the symbols.

Boy Cat is very friendly. Gunther and I were sitting outside last night and he would jump on our laps and purr and cuddle. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! No boyfriends!