Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wild Life

It's me Stewie.  Just thought you'd want an update on the Wild Life around my house.

Gunther was getting a shirt out of his closet and thought he could hear the chirping birds a little close.  So he opened the door to the attic and there she was...a teensy sparrow sitting in the window singing her beak off!  I think the song was "I was in the eaves building my nest and saw another small hole, I decided to climb through and found the biggest bird house in the land!  I am queen and ruler!"

We have 3 stray cats that come by at night.  One calico who is very sweet and afraid.  Another long hair gray cat that is indifferent.  And an orange tabby I have named Boy Cat.  Boy Cat is a character.  He comes and meows and sings at the back door.  He wants me to come out and play.  He also tried to get in!  He sprays our back door.  After I get back inside and doors closed, Miss Natalie is AT the door.  Eyes wide and sniffing and meowing.  Hmmmmmm...I think she has a crush on Boy Cat.  

I'll get pictures when I can....I'm sure Boy Cat will pose!  


EB said...

aaahhhhhh....... kitty love.
(=^;^=) + [-^:^-] = luv

EMSU said...

Ohh...nice cats, EB! ...Stewie

........... (look, I made a snake!). hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We have a Dr. Seuss book called "The Best Nest" It's all about birds finding a nestling place -- I'll bring it to you!

EB said...

Can you try to get a picture of boy [-^;^-] on EMSU

EMSU said...

I'll do my best. I didn't see Boy Cat the last few nights. I'll keep on the lookout this weekend. He shows up around midnight!!!