Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Morning

Honey:  "Hey, what are you guys doing?"
Lucy/Nats:  "Getting fresh air in our noses and bird watching!"

Stewie:  "Lucy get down, you are ripping the screen!"

Honey/Nats/Lucy:  "Ahhhhhh..."


Aliendude1460 said...

Were they watching Boy Cat?


Anonymous said...

Three cute little fat fuzzy butts looking out the door!

AR said...

Those are the best pictures!

EMSU said...

Well this door thing is an "every morning" routine now. While I'm making coffee they want to sit and watch the birds go by (lots of birds since I put the crumbs out first thing). This morning though a crow or a cat must have buzzed by because I looked down and Nats was BEHIND the door, Lucy ran up the steps and Honey went down the basement! Funny!