Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lucy Update #2

Hi kids...

Well all is well.  I had a good nap on the red blanket under the coffee table and watched Harry Potter with Gunther.  I ate a bunch of food and used my litter box.  Stewie is pleased.

At the moment, I'm stuck in the basement.  hahah!  Honey is on the stairs and Natalie is following me around.  Here's the best picture Stewie could get of me....I'm running around trying not to get to close to Honey.  Anyway...I got some great exercise all day up and down the stairs.  

More tomorrow....Miss you EB and Eliz.



EB said...

I miss you to baby!XOXOXO


Anonymous said...

Oh hi EB. Things are good so far. There is lots of food and lots of beds. Don't worry. Honey will soon love me. hahah! This is a pretty laid back house and Stewie and Gunther said you can come over anytime you want and visit! Cool huh?

EB said...

Yep! Did you sleep well last night? Sorry I'm writing so early.It's because of Chaplin meowing for you. [It sounded more like yoedling.]
Any way, Love you!

EMSU said...

Oh well give Chaplin a hug for me and show her my pictures. Tell her not to worry, I've got lots of food and water and my litter box to myself! I love you guys too!