Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Lucy

Hello!  I had my first night at Stewie and Gunther's!  

I got really tired around 10pm so cuddled on Stewie's lap while they watched a movie.  I think I snored.  Then Stewie said the movie was too scary and had to watch funny shows.  We stayed up until 1am!!!  We played with the laser dot pointer thing...that was fun.  Honey's still hissing at me but I'm not hissing back much....Natalie still follows me everywhere!!!  I jumped in the bathtub after Stewie's shower and played with the water drip.  The food and water are good here.  Stewie said Honey's just playing around.  In the kitchen last night Honey was hissing and growling at me and then realized Stewie was there and gave an innocent meow for some chicky.  I know that trick, I've seen Puss n Boots do that on Shrek!!!  hahah!

Stewie put the cat food in the bowl this morning but Honey was having her squishy and wouldn't let me get near.  So Stewie showed me the bowl of food that's in the basement!!!  Nice.  I'm going to go find a place for a good nap.  



EB said...

I heard you got in trouble. I'm not pleased. What was the movie last night? 1am! This is your bed time 9:00. Got it? I expect better behavior in the future. OK?
Love you lots,

EMSU said...

Oh, hi! Well they stay up late in this house so what's a cat suppose to do?

Right now I'm sleeping in Stewie's closet in the basket under her hanged up clothes. It's a good spot. I watched the crows outside from the green room window (Stewie told me that's your room!). Anyway, I'll be good. ;)

EB said...

Fine. Weeknights you can stay up till' 9:00 Weekends 8:00 some nights with my permission,I'll let you stay up late.[ Like 1 am.]

Hugs and kisses,