Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday evening Lucy Update


Well I slept in Stewie's closet most of the afternoon.  Stewie and Gunther went out and we all just were lazy.  When they got home Honey started singing for her squishy food...and I came downstairs when Gunther called for me.  I went into the bathroom because I was really craving some sink water.  Stewie turned the faucet on and oh wow it was good!  Natalie really wanted in but there was no room.  So Stewie turned on the bath tub faucet and Natalie and I had a good drink!

Oh and the biggest news....Honey didn't hiss at me when we were in the living room!  Good huh?  I'm gonna go to bed earlier I think.  

Love  xoxoxox, 

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EB said...

A earlier bedtime.Much better.