Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lucy's Adventure

Hi blog readers!

I'm Lucy...I just moved to Stewie's house while EB gets over her asthma.  I may be at Stewie's for a while, so I thought you'd like to hear some of my adventures with Queen Honey and Miss Natalie.

So I first met Miss Natalie, she is a curious thing!  She followed me EVERYWHERE!  I was getting a little annoyed so I hissed at her.  She hissed back.  And then she still followed me.  

I walked all over the house and checked out everything (see me in the pic with the Foo Dog...not a real dog thank goodness!).  It's a cool house with 3 levels.  I ventured into the basement only to be met at the bottom of the steps by Queen Honey.  She was not pleased.  She hissed, I hissed.  She growled, I growled.  Then I went back upstairs and at the top of the stairs was Miss Natalie.  Sheesh!

Anyway, I can pretty much go where I please.  If Natalie gets too close I hiss and growl and she backs off.  Honey doesn't let me too close at all...huffs, puffs, know that routine.  Honey's even hissing at Natalie!!!

Stewie and Gunther went for a walk and left the 3 of us alone and we didn't tear up the house.  I think they were pleased.  I tasted some of the organic, healthy for a cat cat food they was ok.  Mostly I need to figure out where to sleep, but right now I'm checking this place out!

I miss you EB and Lizard and the two adult people I don't know their names.  Oh and Chaplin too!

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