Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Baby Elephant

From the Oregon Zoo:

The Oregon Zoo's new baby elephant is acclimating to his herd as keepers continue to baby-proof his exhibit space.

"We're making adjustments to the indoor viewing gallery to help accommodate the calf," said Bob Lee, senior elephant keeper.  "We are also making plans to modify the outdoor yards to make them safer.  We have a couple of pools we want to make sure he doesn't fall into when he goes outside for the first time."  Lee added that it may be a while before the calf goes outdoors.

The 5-day-old elephant has been exploring his new surroundings.  At one point, keepers saw him gather up some bamboo with his trunk and stick it in his mouth to see what it was like.  During Rose-Tu's morning bath, keepers gave the calf a large rubber tub to splash in, and he seemed to enjoy the water quite a bit.

Meanwhile, Rose-Tu and her calf continue to grow more comfortable with each other, keepers say.  The two elephants have been lying down together to sleep, and they seem much more rested.  Once, when Rose-Tu lay down, the calf n estled between her feet, almost as if to "spoon" although facing the wrong direction.

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