Sunday, August 31, 2008


It's me Lucy again.  I thought you'd like to see a picture of Natalie...the kid who follows me around EVERYWHERE!  She was taking a little break here in this picture.  Stewie got the "ballies" and tossed them around.  Natalie and I hunkered low and were going to pounce, but I think afraid we'd pounce on each other.  But Stewie said that it seems we have something in common....we like to play with toy ballies.  Anyway....then Natalie gets all goofy and energetic and actually JUMPED OVER ME to get the ballie.  Jumped over me!  Yikes.  

I must have slept pretty good...I've got TONS of energy this morning.  I'm running around and jumping in the windows.  Gunther is afraid I'll knock myself out as I bump my head on the glass every time.  I mangled the dining room blinds...Stewie was not pleased.  I think I heard Honey giggle when I got in trouble.  Stewie showed me the window areas I CAN go to and see out.  Of course, Natalie follows me everywhere!  Did I mention that?  hahah!

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